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About Us

CountHQ was founded to give Australian Accounting firms, Businesses and Financial advisors access to accounting solutions that are dependable, cost effective and scalable.

By connecting the latest technology with efficient labour, CountHQ strives to change the landscape in which SME’s operate in this country.

We’re passionate about best practice, offering a value-driven solutions approach, whether you’re an Accountant, Business Owner or Financial Adviser.

We are always striving to achieve more for our clients, suggesting changes and improvements wherever possible.

Our track record

The CountHQ team has decades of collective experience:

Working with businesses from all industries to:

Working with Accounting firms across Australia to:

Our People

Ben Surace

Ben is a pioneer of cost effective, technology driven accounting and bookkeeping solutions to the Australian small business ecosystem.

Featured in multiple Xero publications, Ben’s passionate about the Accounting industry in Australia. He’s focused on providing support to firms during a period of rapid change.

Having personally consulted to some of the fastest growing Accounting Firms in Australia, he’s well placed to support Accountants seeking better access to labour; varied product offerings and smoother internal delivery procedures.

Ben is also dedicated to providing Australian SME’s with a helping hand to access better accounts procedures; better technology, and ultimately better results.

Ben knows that businesses achieve scalability through a thorough understanding of their numbers.

A football tragic (Arsenal), he finds himself trying to rid himself of his affliction.

Alex Surace

Alex has a passion for process development, team building and cross-cultural collaboration. Alex has worked across industries in the public and private sectors and holds the deep belief that the best outcomes are achieved with clear communication and openness.

Alex focuses on compliance, the company’s continual improvement framework and strategy. With a natural passion for business, Alex draws on a varied set of experiences to mix the necessary with the purposeful.

Vinkal Smith

Vinkal has been associated with the Australian Accounting industry for over a decade.

His expertise lay in developing and managing people to deliver outstanding results for Australian businesses and Accounting Practices.He believes that finding the right balance between client and employee outcomes has always been the winning formula.

To nurture new talent, and manage people to better outcomes remains Vinkal’s passion.

On the personal side, movies and family are what makes a perfect weekend.